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At the heart of Lean and continuous improvement is the development and growth of its people.  Creating an environment where team members develop the skills to improve the job and also improve themselves.  It is all about establishing a positive culture that revolve...
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It is mentioned in just about every blog post I write. It is the first thing a person will learn when discovering Lean, especially if they work with me. It is one of the key cornerstones of Lean thinking - so what the hell is ‘it’?  Simply, ‘it’ are the 8 Wastes...
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I have mentioned it a lot of times, but what the hell does it mean?  What am I talking about?  The ‘Gemba’.  This is a term used widely in the Lean world and it is one of the cornerstones to a successful lean journey for a business. If it is that important...
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Hold on for a bit as this post is a combination of a few recent posts.   Why am I doing this? Mainly because the message needs to be constantly reinforced about how crazy, short sighted this statement “I am too Busy” is in relation to continuous improvement in ...
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