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Strategy and Tactics

November 23, 2021
Strategy and tactics - two critical elements of executing your plan and being a successful business. The great news is that one feeds into the other, they do and should relate to each other. The strategy is your true north - the vision you, your leadership team and possibly ...
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Control What You Can

September 29, 2021
The last two years have shown us all that the world, let alone the business environment is not a predictable place.  This has always been the case but now it seems magnified to the extremes. Owning and operating a business is hard enough, let alone in such an environmen...
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Before writing this blog, my immediate answer to that question was NO.  LEGO Serious Play (LSP) is so much more powerful than just having fun together as a team, playing crazy games and having a few drinks at the local pub. My ‘Why’ is all about being crazily passio...
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Lego® Serious Play® (LSP) enables individuals and teams to explore topics deeper and faster than many other methodologies.  I went into some of the theory of how LSP works in a previous blog post.  So we know it works and why. But what type of scenarios or situat...
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The simple answer to this question is easy.  The process of a basic LEGO Serious Play (LSP) workshop follows the same pattern.  A group is first asked an open ended question by a trained facilitator. Then each person responds by building a model that represents th...
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A local government agency.Being a new internal service, the manager identified the team was still building an identity for themselves. It had been a few months into delivering the new service, but they had yet to spend time to create a common goal, a defined purpose that bro...
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How do you get a bunch of Electricians interested in strategic conversations?  That was the challenge put to me by an owner of a local electrician business. The business has a good reputation and has been growing from strength to strength. However the owner recognised t...
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Another recent experience occurred recently where it prompted me to think once again, “what would I do?”.   From a customer perception, this situation wasn’t a terrible howler like the first example in this series. This interaction could be one that as a cust...
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Change up your planning process

Don’t panic, this isn’t me turning all nostalgic and mushy, this is still a business blog with a real focus. It is, however, a reflection on how I have seen businesses time and time again try to ‘change things up’ whilst using the same processes, approaches to planni...
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