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I have spoken a lot recently about staff engagement and it got me thinking. What is the difference to engagement and creating a positive workplace culture? So I have gone away to look at a few perspectives and this is my summary of thoughts. Before I went further into explor...
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What Pisses You Off?

March 9, 2021
“So what pisses you off ?” That was my opening line to a new group I was working with a few years back.  They were a team who could not see past the controls and policies of the large organisation they worked for.  Their team leader gave me an insight before I ...
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You have just come back from a great break.  You really did earn this one - last year really did take its toll on you.  But that was so last year, now you are really looking forward to the opportunities you have.  The enthusiasm is high, your picture of the en...
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Leading for change is hard

November 20, 2020
Why do many small and medium businesses (SMEs) fail when they try and change something or begin something new?  Where do they go wrong when they want to bring something such as Lean Thinking into the business? In my space as a consultant I see and hear these stories all...
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So what's important for frontline staff when SME's are focused on improving their productivity?  Well a bunch of researchers in the UK asked this very question and the results, well to me they weren't that surprising. Operational process change - 80% very important...
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Damian May from 2E Electrical

Today's episode is another great conversation, this time focusing on the real challenges of a small & medium business in NZ. Damian brings to the table some of the challenges he has running an electrician business based in Hamilton, NZ. During the conversation we explore how...
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Session Overview

Today's session is a great conversation around what business owners can do to prepare, train and support first time leaders. We explore issues such as communication, organisational culture through trust and even discuss the challenges of learning disabilities that are faced ...
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