Brick by Brick - Episode Three

Damian May from 2E Electrical

Today's episode is another great conversation, this time focusing on the real challenges of a small & medium business in NZ.

Damian brings to the table some of the challenges he has running an electrician business based in Hamilton, NZ. During the conversation we explore how the small frustrations such as filling in the timesheets can be managed by looking at the big picture.

In this case it is about staff engagement, empowering them to set and manage the standards, expectations and ultimately the operational excellence of the business. Since starting 2E Electrical, Damian has made customer service and satisfaction his primary focus, bringing strong values and workmanship to the electrical industry. He has worked in many different areas of the business doing a wide range of work for different clients, and throughout that time has strived to deliver a high standard of workmanship as well as customer satisfaction.

Contact Damian, damian@2eelectrical.co.nz

For more information about Rob Bull and Plexus Consulting, contact me at Robert@plexusconsulting.co.nz or www.plexusconsulting.co.nz

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