Brick by Brick Podcast Episode Two

Session Overview

Today's session is a great conversation around what business owners can do to prepare, train and support first time leaders. We explore issues such as communication, organisational culture through trust and even discuss the challenges of learning disabilities that are faced by many staff. 

Rae MacDonald is a trainer based at Responsive Trade Education in Hamilton. They are a Private Training Establishment that provides three core programmes to 'Build people's knowledge and skills' within the community.Rae has some amazing insights about the challenges first time leaders have through her experience training and working alongside business right across the Waikato.

To get hold of Rae, email her at rae@rte.co.nz

For more information about Rob Bull and Plexus Consulting, contact me robert@plexusconsulting.co.nz

Brick by Brick aims not to be just another business podcast.  

I have created it to support New Zealand small and medium businesses where we take on real challenges facing business owners.  I have always found is that talking through challenges facing the people who are directly involved, improvements, ideas are often found.  Having a forum that allows real people to talk about real issues as it relates to productivity, growth, quality so that there is a sustainable solution, something real that they can implement straight away.  They could be from middle management, leadership - anyone.  Kind of the agony aunt, but for business.Having an informal discussion - using operational excellence and lean thinking to explore how businesses can become more profitable, more efficient, better businesses achieving goals faster. 

The conversations is based on a real problem and involves the person who presented it.  If not, I will bring in 1-2 other specialists to put their spin on the issue.

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