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Looking for a team development activity with a purpose?

Wanting to learn and explore the fundamentals of Lean and Operational Excellence?
Not sure how your business can benefit from Operational Excellence?

This ½ day workshop is perfect for you and your team.  Creating an engaging environment where everyone plays an active role.  This is certainly not your usual ‘lean out’ meeting around a meeting table.  Instead team members ‘lean in’, communicate, collaborate and learn as a team.

While you are learning the basics of Lean Thinking, you will also get some awesome insights into how to run your business better. 

The outcomes include:

  • High level road map of the actions required to start your continuous improvement journey 

  • Insight into Lean tools & thinking that can be implemented within your business

  • value for money introduction to the style and approach taken by Plexus.

  • Great team building session

Cost $1050


The best one hour you will invest in you and your business

Not sure how we can help?  Uncertain where to start your continuous improvement journey? Not sure what Operational Excellence is all about and how it might add value to your business’s productivity?

Rob can organise a visit to your business* and explore what your business is all about, listen to the vision of the business, the challenges and issues you are facing.    to stay relevant and competitive in this fast-paced world. 

We then can sit down and identify how you can potentially improve your efficiency, productivity and quality meaning more money in your organisation.  

Get in touch to learn more about how we can help you.

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*only small criteria - if there is significant travel, we may ask for this to be covered or use technology!


Not sure where to start your operational excellence journey?  

Does it seem all too hard, complex and confusing? 

Don’t panic, a great way to start your operational excellence journey is to benchmark yourself against world class standards, clearly identify what you are doing well and where the opportunities are to improve your organisational performance & productivity.

Rob will facilitate an in-depth analysis across three components and nine areas of your business.  Included in the review will be:

  • Operational Excellence Assessment

  • Site visit & observations / interviews of selected staff members

  • Debrief and Planning (may be completed on a different day)

  • Final presentation of recommendations

It will provide you and your business a great insight into the opportunities unique to your challenges and issues.

We are all busy and pressed for time.  Doing improvements are great, but are you doing the right ones with the biggest impact?  This assessment will guide your prioritisation, making sure the right improvements are making the right impact on your organisation's productivity, performance and successful outcomes. It’s that easy

Cost: $1750

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