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Helping businesses do the right things better

Rob Bull heads Plexus Consulting, bringing Operational Excellence to NZ one company at a time.  So what does this mean?

Business owners and leaders come to us for freedom - what is that freedom for you?

Freedom to step outside of  your business and work on it instead of it in it?

Freedom to step to side from the craziness, take a breath and feel like you are in control again?

Freedom to have the trust, confidence and ability in your business to take time out, take that holiday, spend more time with the family?

At Plexus Consulting we are passionate about helping people reach this freedom by getting their business to do the right things better.

We work with businesses to improve systems and productivity. We do this by working with each business as a unique, individual entity, because we believe that good people deserve the help they need be successful.

Covering most locations across New Zealand - we can chat first to explore how you can achieve your business goals.

Sectors include: health, education, professional services, manufacturing, NFP, government.