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What do we do?, well here is a story about our ideal client.

Business over the past couple of years had been great, so good in fact, that Peter was struggling to keep up - as far as problems go, it sounds pretty great doesn’t it?  He tried to solve his headache by hiring more people and working longer hours. Now Peter was losing touch with his team, customers, orders, and what was happening in the business. He was expecting this to happen, to a point.

What he didn’t expect was the slipping of the standards he set at the start. Now corners were being cut, the quality just wasn’t the same and customers were becoming unhappy.

Despite this craziness, turnover kept increasing - only through even more hard work and longer hours, by the whole team. As the increase in sales continued, what smacked him between the eyes was after all the extra work, stress and chaos, profits were down! 

Before the team organised a mutiny, he took some advice and called me in.

Expecting to be given a long ‘to-do’ list and be told what was wrong with the business, he was surprised the first action was to play LEGO with his team - did he hear that correctly?

After just a few sessions with me, the team was starting to change how things were done, communication got better, orders were being sent out faster.

Three months later, the team were able to shut down early on a Friday, celebrate the recent wins and go home to enjoy being with their families.

Peter now understood that this was just the start of something exciting…...

Sounds a bit like you? well, contact Rob today for a chat, solve a problem or two and start your own journey today.

Don't worry, we don't just work in manufacturing - we have had great success in other areas including health, education, professional services, manufacturing, Not For Profit, and government agencies.