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Enabling Organisations to Excellence Through Lean Thinking

What the heck is Operational Excellence? What does it have to do for my business, making more money or improving my team?

Great question, and one I get asked every day.  I could give you a text book answer, something like “Operational Excellence is a philosophy, a framework for businesses and organisations to use to embrace continuous improvement, problem solving, distributed leadership so everyone is making improvements everyday” It could be defined by the successful execution of business strategy, achievement of objectives through engaged staff and transparent leadership.  All of this is correct and sheds a light on this ambiguous subject.

However this is as exciting as watching the reruns of Coronation Street. None of this matters unless each organisation, each team rewrite this philosophy into their own words.  Something that is real to them, something tangible, something they can visualise.

Rob at Plexus Consulting uses Lean Thinking as a framework to help guide, coach and support the development of their unique operational excellence journey.  Each engagement has its own look and feel, its own unique challenges and issues. But if leadership are 100% behind it and allow teams to run with it - awesome things can happen.  At the risk of sounding like Yoda, if you stay true to the philosophies and learn how to see things differently, it will all make sense.

It embodies leadership approaches, process improvement, continuous improvement, people development, strategy deployment ultimately creating a culture of excellence - Operational Excellence.

It is simplicity, the concepts aren’t difficult to understand, achieving change is where it often falls short. The challenge is nearly always in the discipline of sticking to the task. Just like visiting a gym for a few weeks then giving up doesn’t turn you into an Olympic athlete.  So operational excellence is the daily actions by everybody, everyday - each time taking a step further in the journey.





Have you experienced growth in your business but seem to be chasing your tail? It just feels like you are working harder, longer hours, staff doing overtime just to keep up with demand?

Improving productivity starts with you and your team making small changes today.  We’re ready to support you and your team to take your business to the next level.

At Plexus Consulting, we combine our insights on how to transform your business, processes, strategies, and close that gap between growth & maximising productive time.

NZ has some of the lowest productivity performance in the OECD. Improving your productivity may be just one more point of difference between you and your competitors.


We use Lean Thinking as a starting framework to allow team to see where and how they can change things for the better.  It is a starting framework for an organisation to begin their ongoing operational excellence journey. Lean thinking provides tools and strategies for organisations, teams and individuals to communicate, plan and execute improvement activities.

Using tools, systems and coaching so that an organisation can make changes to:

  • Process improvement & design

  • Elimination of waste

  • Problem solving

  • Continuous Improvement

This is all to create the building blocks of a smart organisation that truly engages its staff to achieve true operational excellence.

Successful Manager
Reaching a Deal


Does this make you more excited than a two for one wine sale?  Well even better, Plexus Consulting is able to provide a range of services that may be co-funded, awesome right?  Once you have decided that this is something you need to have and you want your organisation to become truly capable and allow everyone to contribute in making the business world class we can help even further. We have government partners that can help you with funding on many of our services;

Better by Lean - Access to co funded by Callaghan Innovation for larger/intensive programs

Capability Vouchers - co funded by NZTE for smaller introductory programs

Certified Training - partially funded by Competenz and PITO for NZQA qualifications in Continuous Improvement

So the range of services is broad that will fit most situations.