Helping organisations around New Zealand take control of their businesses to enable smarter and more profitable growth

Your business is unique. 

So is the way that I will support you to evolve.


Have you experienced growth in your business but seem to be chasing your tail? Maybe it feels like you are working harder, doing longer hours and your staff are frantically doing overtime just to keep up with demand.
Improving productivity starts with you and your team making small changes today. I am ready to support you and your team to take your business to the next level.
I combine my insights and experience to guide the transformation of your business, processes, strategies, and help you to achieve sustainable growth..
NZ has some of the lowest productivity rates in the OECD. Improving your productivity may be just one more point of difference between you and your competitors.
Programmes follow an assess > plan > implement approach, that ensures that each intervention is tailored to your unique needs. Engagements typically last between 6 months and 18 months in duration. In the initial 3 months you will complete a robust exploration of your business, operational excellence assessment, SWOT analysis (an oldie but a goodie) resulting in an agreed implementation plan. After the onboarding activity (yes LEGO based!) then the hard work begins!!
The good news is that you might be eligible for funding to support the implementation. Plexus Consulting can access funding via Regional Business Partner voucher scheme as well as Callaghan’s Better by Lean funding.


Looking for a team development activity with a purpose?

Wanting to learn and explore the fundamentals of Lean and Operational Excellence?
Not sure how your business can benefit from Lean Thinking?

This ½ day workshop is perfect for you and your team.  Creating an engaging environment where everyone plays an active role.  This is certainly not your usual ‘lean out’ meeting around a meeting table.  Instead team members ‘lean in’, communicate, collaborate and learn as a team.

While you are learning the basics of Lean Thinking, you will also get some awesome insights into how to run your business better. 

The outcomes include:

  • High level road map of the actions required to start your continuous improvement journey 
  • Insight into Lean tools & thinking that can be implemented within your business
  • A taster of what Plexus is all about
  • Great team building session


As a  Certified LEGO Serious Play® Facilitator, I use the simplicity of the LEGO brick as a medium to help teams and individuals express complex ideas through building, storytelling and metaphors. It creates conversations and stories that everyone can identify with. LEGO enables teams to view problems in a different light and work through them in a way that they'll never forget.

Since the 1990’s the method has been used for a diverse range of topics including:

  • Strategy and Innovation
  • Team Development
  • Change Management
  • User Experience Design
  • Research
  • And much, much more


Not sure where to start your operational excellence journey?  
Does it seem all too hard, complex and confusing? 

Don’t panic, a great way to start your operational excellence journey is to benchmark yourself against world class standards, clearly identify what you are doing well and where the opportunities are to improve your organisational performance & productivity.

Rob will facilitate an in-depth analysis across three components and nine areas of your business.  Included in the review will be:

  • Operational Excellence Assessment
  • Site visit & observations / interviews of selected staff members
  • Debrief and Planning
  • Final presentation of recommendations

It will provide you and your business a great insight into the opportunities unique to your challenges and issues.



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