We are all independent experts in our own fields, who work together to deliver value for others.

Too often a clients needs are not so straight forward.  The challenges are never placed in one part of the organisation, success is the work of many parts coming together.  It is that reason why one perspective or specialist skill set can help.Because of these complexities, Plexus Consulting is excited to be part of a trans-tasman consulting collective called the Good Guidance. 

We are all independent experts in our own fields, who work together to deliver value for others.If you engage one of us to deliver an agreed outcome, you know that we can call upon one of our colleagues to help deliver the required value. Your challenges may be with People, Process or technology - we have you covered with the expertise to help you.  There is no need to engage a large consulting company, or multiple independent consultants. With the Good Guidance we can keep it simple yet powerfully effective.


Globally recognised as the Knowledge Bird, Aprill Allen is a knowledge management consultant, certified Knowledge Centered ServiceⓇ trainer, and independent analyst monitoring emerging knowledge tech.

Knowledge Bird works with leaders to develop better knowledge management practices in all kind of organisations—from scale-ups to large-scale enterprises—helping customer success teams and IT service desks work more effectively with team and organisational know-how to serve their customers better.


Karen Ferris is an internationally acclaimed service management professional and organisational change management practitioner with a reputation for providing both strategic and practical advice, assistance and insights for organisations in their implementation and maintenance of efficient and effective business and service management. She is an author, facilitator, trainer, speaker and coach.

In 2011, Karen authored the acclaimed itSMF publication ‘Balanced Diversity – A Portfolio Approach to Organisational Change’ introducing a new and innovative framework for ensuring that service management changes become embedded into the fabric of the organisation. In January 2017 Karen was named as one of the top 25 thought leaders in service management by the Service Desk Institute. In July she was named in the top 20 ITSM thought leaders by Sun View Software and in October, the Business Relationship Management Institute presented her with a Global Excellence Award.
Her latest book "Game On! Tactics To Win When Change is Constant" was published early this year. She is also a Director at Macanta Consulting.


James has nearly 30 years in IT and almost 20 years experience managing, mentoring and leading teams in many sectors, helping organisations, teams and people to drive improvements using Service Management, Lean IT and DevOps based ways of thinking and working, enabling continuous improvement and increased value whilst also delivering a stable operational environment.

James provides consulting, coaching and training services to organisations and is a recognised contributor to VeriSM and ITIL4 Foundation book and is also a certified trainer for The Phoenix Project DevOps and MarsLander agile ITSM simulations.


We weren’t satisfied with the restrictions, cost and complexity of the IT platforms we’d experienced in many organisations and corporate IT environments, and we knew we could do better. That’s why we started Xeperno.

We only sell solutions that we believe in, and that help you achieve your outcomes. With our curated collection of IT solutions you’ll find
excellent service management

expert project management

delivering true business value.

Our customers are our top priority: if we don’t think our solutions are right for you we’ll tell you, straight up.



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