The guy who is passionate about helping New Zealand SME's in their business improvement journey & achieve sustainable growth.


The performance of New Zealand businesses have been gradually eroded since the 1960's.  For far too long our overall productivity results have been quite frankly, woeful.  Small and Medium businesses (SMEs) are in the lowest third of the OECD rankings.  To achieve this, we work nearly 20% longer!!  No wonder we all go home exhausted and frustrated!

It is my mission to stop this trend one business at a time.  Helping owners and SME leaders to stop this cycle and make even the smallest positive change in their performance.  Everything counts!

What gets me up in the morning is the opportunity to work with owners, leaders and teams to make their job better, one improvement at a time.  Jointly we can buck this decades long trend and show the world we are not just hard workers, but smart workers!


When you get me away from enjoying a Hawkes Bay Merlot while supervising the 12 hour cook on the Weber, I can be found helping teams achieve excellence.

After 20 plus years leading teams and projects of all sizes and complexities, I still get a kick out of seeing clients reach their goals.  I know it may sound a bit cheesy, but seeing teams take the ideas I share with them and make it their own is a successful day for me.

Since my days as an Occupational Therapist, my career has taken me all around New Zealand, working for a range of organisations including District Health Boards, Not for Profits, Primary Care organisations and the private sector. Now I am well and truly ingrained across all sectors, I am comfortable in a suit (though it doesn’t get too much air time) or chucking on the PPE gear and my fluro safety vest for a session in a factory. 

It is about creating the right mindset, having great leadership - all the rest falls into place.  I am passionate that there is never a one size fits all solution for every business. During the journey, I learn as much as my clients.  What a journey!



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