You're struggling to maintain profits, manage the chaos in your organisation, fire fighting issues each day, working hard to be a better business but it's just not working? - Let's talk. 

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Interactive workshops for teams using LEGO Serious Play® to help with strategic planning, team development, and so much more.

Explore through LEGO®

As a Certified LEGO Serious Play® Facilitator, LEGO® makes an appearance in every workshop I facilitate! Why?  Because it is interactive, fun and creates a lot of awesome discussions! Workshops range from facilitated LEGO Serious Play® sessions, Lean Lego Simulation training to bespoke training workshops to match your challenges and desired outcomes. These workshops are great for business owners, operations managers and their teams to help them identify and optimise the systems and processes that are impacting on their progress. Needing to refine your business strategy? Team values? We can create a session to help you with this.


How to take control of your business to enable smarter and more profitable growth.

Is your business growing so fast you feel like you’re losing control?  The quality may be harder to maintain now there are more people involved, or you just can’t seem to fit everything that you want to do without taking away from family time.  So far you have managed, however the growth goals set for the business you are really worried how the business will cope.

The challenges are many and always unique, as are the solutions. I love helping organisations to move away from chaos, taking control of their business to achieve smarter and more profitable growth. One which is people led.

Lean Implementation Programmes

Learn more about how Rob can support you and your organisation to start your Lean Thinking journey.  Programmes typically last for 6 months or more.


Interactive sessions that help organisations explore how Lean Thinking and Operational Excellence can  bring benefits to their business.

LEGO Serious Play®

As a  Certified LEGO Serious Play® Facilitator I run interactive sessions for teams using LEGO Serious Play® to help with strategic planning, team development, and so much more, find out here.

Operational Excellence

Going deep under the hood of your business, taking a leadership team through a comprehensive assessment exploring aspects of leadership, strategic planning, people, continuous improvement and customer experience.



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